Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fairfield County Flood Zones Getting Updated

MILFORD -- The updated flood zone maps being drawn up for the city could affect the number of local properties eligible for a national insurance program.
Officials said Monday that the draft version of maps for Milford and Fairfield counties could be released by the end of the month, although adoption of the final version is more than a year away.

In Middlesex and Hartford counties, where the process has already been completed, the new maps have greater precision and each river system is studied individually, said Art Christian of the state Department of Environmental Protection.

The actual number of properties identified as being in a flood-risk zone did not change much, officials said.

"West Hartford for example, had 300 homes going into the new flood zone and 300 coming out,'' Christian said.

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Island Brook Park in Trumbull gets ready for Spring Opening

TRUMBULL -- Hues of red and gold may be about to take over the town's parks, but before they dominate, look for one last burst of green.
It is due to arrive today in Island Brook Park, where crews are scheduled to start laying special sod on its expansive athletic field.

The sod represents a sort of icing on a multi-layered concoction composed of drainage pipes, filters, stones, and soil, all designed to feed town residents' seemingly insatiable appetite for athletic activities.

"We feel good we're finalizing it after much effort," Park Commission Chairman Robert Ferrigno said Monday.

The new field will be used largely for recreational softball and Little League, but will not be restricted to those pursuits.

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Hey Moonlighting Fans, Cybil's In Stratford!

Movie starring Cybill Shepherd filming in Stratford
Staff writer
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STRATFORD -- Donning Hollywood-style sunglasses for the occasion, Mayor James R. Miron did a little "moonlighting" early Monday evening, greeting film and television star Cybill Shepherd to Stratford Center.
This was one town drama Miron didn't mind.

The mayor presented Shepherd with a bouquet of flowers as a crowd of nearly 100 people looked on between scenes of a movie being filmed at a vacant Italian restaurant on Main Street.

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Thinking Green Goes From Your Car To Your Backyard

Perhaps you're one of the many people who have decided to go green. You've gone from Hummer to hybrid. You switched to CFL lighting. You're starting to pay attention to recycling and tossed some reusable bags in the back your car for shopping. You're starting to think about solar power or even the new geothermal.

There's another subject you may not have even considered. It's outside your window. It's your yard.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

Fairfield University Offers Free Education to Bridgeporters, Sacred Heart to follow

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - Fairfield University is offering a free college education to graduates from any high school in Bridgeport if they have the grades and family income is below $50,000.

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